Picture Perfect Kalanggaman Island

Such a nice view. 


Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte

August 31, 2015

Kalanggaman Island is one of the beach paradise of the Philippines. The unspoilt nature, long sandbar, clear water, blue skies, white sand, lucrative palm trees and picturesque views are the features of this encha­nting island. It is truly a privilege to have been in this very wonderful creation. Let me show you the charm of this paradise.

Going there:

There are different ways to get to Kalanggaman Island, but since I’ve been based in Cebu, we decided to just take this route going there. You can check this link to see the available routes that you could use:  http://faq.ph/how-to-go-to-kalanggaman-island-palompon-leyte/

You have to take the North Bus Terminal going to Maya Port. The trip would be around 3-4 hours.  We had our tour coordinator there, who is also the owner of the boat that we rented. You can contact Kuya Randel at 09158516135.  We are only 3 in our group so we find it difficult for a boat to accommodate us because the boat rental depends on the number of people joining the trip. But since August is not a peak season, only few people goes there. So, we just rented the whole boat for 10-16 people all for ourselves for Php3,000.

After reaching the Maya port, we had to go to the New Maya port because that’s where our boat was docked. We had to take a ‘habal-habal’ for 10 pesos per person, which is a common ride in Cebu by the way.

At New Maya Port. 


It is pretty big for the three of us.
En route Kalanggaman.
Love these two.
Perfect Summer Weather
Look at those clear blue skies!
Too Windy.


The boat ride will take up to 1-2 hours going to the island.

Nearly there. 👍


Just seeing the island from afar, you can already see the beauty of this island. Nothing can compare to this, it is a virgin island indeed. No potable water, no vendors, no trash, just pure nature. There is a comfort room in the island however, they are using a deep well, which is also salt water and not that clean or well-maintained.

Upon docking the shore, you will be welcomed by some people from the eco-tours office. They will be collecting entrance fees, for different types of tourists as follows:(as of August 2015):

Regular Rate (Day Tour):

International Tourists- Php 500

Non-Palompon Tourists- Php 150

Non-Palompon College Tourists- Php 40

Non-Palompon Highschool Tourists- Php 30

Non-Palompon Elementary Pupil- Php 20

Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen- Php 120

Overnight Rates

International Tourists- Php 750

Non-Palompon Tourists- Php 225

Non-Palompon College Tourists- Php 60

Non-Palompon Highschool Tourists- Php 45

Non- Palompon Elementary Pupil- Php30

Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen- Php 180

Nature’s gift to us.
Look at how beautiful it is!



Unfortunately, we didn’t see the vast sandbar along the island because it is high tide at that time. The boatmen told us that the sandbar is usually seen early in the morning or at sundown when it is lowtide. But, whatever, that is still a sandbar. Ha! 😁 😂

Photoshoot. 😛
Blogger pose.
Jumping for joy.
Making this my signature pose. 😗

You can clearly see how the two bodies of water meet the shore. Amazeballs! I haven’t seen anything like it. Only in Kalanggaman. 👍 👊

Travel Buddies

Say hi to JM and Julie.
From being normal to….
Abnormal. 😝
The “J” Team
Love them.


Crystal Clear Water (not endorsing, just describing). 😝

Look how clear it is.
Feeling Mermaid.


Travel Tips:

  1. Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock!

       There is minimal shade in the island, so you better spread that shit on. You don’t wanna be toasted. There are some cottages but the heat will still penetrate, and its good to keep your skin healthy and protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

  1. Bring LOTS of Water.

       As I have said, there is no potable water in the island, so you better keep yourself stocked and hydrated. Plus, you will have a long journey, you gotta have water, girl. You will not regret my advice.

  1. Bring Food.

       There are no vendors of all sorts in the island as well as in Maya port, only a small burger stand that sells burger (obviously) and pancit canton. We thought that there are some stores that sells meals or even chips when we reach the port, but, there is none. Be aware. We had to eat pancit canton and bread for lunch at Kalanggaman, whereas, the other tourists have barbeque, chicken, liempo, grilled meat and all things delicious. We look like dogs salivating on their food. Oh Well, lesson learned. Don’t be like us. Hahahaha! I believe there are also some offering a package for boat ride which will include lunch, you can go check them out.

  1. Towels, Extra Clothes, and other necessities.

       You know the drill.

  1. Don’t forget you camera, phone or whatever picture taking device you got.

       Flash those pearly white teeth since you will surely enjoy this island. Everything here is picture perfect, so you don’t have to use crazy filters to show this wonderful island. You can definitely use #nofilter. Go girl!

So, that concludes my Kalanggaman Picture Perfect Experience. Thank you so much for reading and see you on my next trip. Mwah!

Hope to see you again here. 🙂

Suggestions, violent reactions and constructive criticisms are welcome. Comment down below. J

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